Primary School

Orban School is committed to providing exceptional education.


Learn to live, love to learn:

The science lab at Orban is a learning hot spot. Swirling, mixing, rotating, constructing, pulling, pushing, prodding – that’s the job!

Proud of who we are:

We embrace our diversity – it is a proud heritage. At Orban we speak 15 different mother languages.

It’s an adventure:

Every day is a different journey and we travel far and wide – down from the skies as gentle rain; into the mind trying to fathom human behaviour; orbiting the planets; discovering number sequences … we have a fascinating world and there is much to learn.

A little higher, a little further every day:

Movement and excercise are important for our health and wellbeing. Orban encourages participation in sport.

Orban is family:

We care. All of us. If a sense of community is on your bucket list, you have come to the right place.

We’ve got the spirit, yes we do!:

If there is no fun in learning, what is the point? Orban’s house teams – Terra, Pyra and Hydra – promote a sense of belonging and provide opportunities for team work and healthy competition.

Cool kids read:

Orban’s library is by far the coolest hiding spot at school. What’s even better, is the amount of books to our disposal. Simply go to the shelves, read the titles and should a spine call to you, pick it up, open the book and apperate to the world of your choice.


Now this is astounding. Orban’s Grade 7 learners are all enrolled for Toastmasters training as part of their English curriculum. After a term of public speaking and leadership training by highly qualified Toastmaster coaches, the grade group has to run their own Toastmasters evening – complete with prepared and unprepared speakers, a master of ceremony, a timekeeper, an uhm-and-ah-counter, evaluators and more. Very impressive.

Marking the passage of time:

In Grade 1 each of our learners bury a time capsule with special messages, photos, toys and newspaper clippings to be exhumed towards the end of their Grade 7 year. When they take their treasure from the soil they start comparing what was important 7 years ago as opposed to now – it is a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Lasting friendships:

Once a friend, always a friend. The ties that bind us at Orban are likely to last long into the future.

Ceremonies and celebrations:

Celebrating life and marking special occasions give meaning to our existence and create memories to treasure.

Foundation Phase Teachers:

Grade 1 Teacher Padré Swanepoel

Grade 2 Teacher Adéle van der Bergh.

Grade 3 Teacher Wilmarie Ochse-Heine

Intersen Phase Teachers:

Teacher Barbara Scholtz

Teacher Carla Lourens

Teacher Estelle Horn

Teacher Onickè Swanepoel

Mister Ryno Effenberger

Specialist Teachers:

Art – Teacher Marlies van Tonder

Dance – Mister Stephen Hawkins

Drama – Teacher Michele Zulch

isiZulu – Teacher Dudu Cele

Physical Education – Coach Karl-Heinz Koch

Physical Education – Coach Fred Leech

Physical Education – Coach Coach Patience Ntshingila

STEAM – Teacher Nicolette Garraway

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