In Orban’s pre-primary and Grade RR classes your children have the freedom to roam our spacious outdoor playground, lined with trees and a lovely view of the Melville Koppies. Rest assured, your children will be in safe and caring hands promoting early learning outcomes through play – in class and outside in the fresh air. Your children’s safety is of utmost importance to us. We have controlled access, strict gate security and a carefree environment in which your children can play to their hearts’ delight. Here they will develop their gross motor skills, fine motor skills, expand vocabulary, learn to express themselves with confidence and resolve conflict by socialising and empathising with friends. In the Penguin Class our 2 to 4 years olds are on a constant journey of discovery. Never underestimate the power of their imagination – the world has endless possibilities. The Grade RR’s find their home from home in the Treasure Cave class, where they solidify the skills they have acquired in the Penguin Class. Our Six Bricks Lego programme forms the foundation for learning Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics in the Primary School.

A day in our 2-4 years class


Working together on elaborate constructions fit for our boundless imagination. We are master builders in all our stories.

Cutting, drawing, folding, painting, glueing, colouring – that’s how we develop our fine motor skills for penmanship that our Grade 1 teachers will be proud of.

We take part in a major annual concert and smaller events on stage throughout the year. It’s a real confidence booster and we learn to love performing in front of an audience.

Friendship and support – our natural state of being.

“You can see the change you want to be, what you want to be when you get a head, a head full of dreams” – Coldplay. Keep dreaming ….

Role play is one way of developing awareness, empathy and emotional intelligence.

Our playground is a world, a country, a forest, an ocean. It is vast. It is lovely. And there are so many jungle gyms! Our playground is a place where our imagination can take flight.

We experiment with sounds and beats and move to our own rhythm.

Tall tales, short stories, long lines – we love telling them all. It expands our vocabulary, and develops self-expression and an emotional register.

Herein lies our future: the ability to take the long view.

Art is multi-beneficial: it teaches observation, hand-coordination and allows us the freedom to see the world from our unique point of view.

We make music. And we love it.

Penguin class:
Teacher Chrisstel Ras
Assistant Esther Mphuthi
Grade RR class:

Grade RR teacher – Annalize Els

Physical education – Coach Fred

Physical education – Coach Carl

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