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Early childhood development is crucial to becoming a confident and enthusiastic learner. Our main aim is to instil confidence and a sense of achievement in each individual as a foundation to future learning. Our pre-primary school accepts learners from 4 months old. We also offer dual medium classes (English and Afrikaans) for Toddler, Pre-Primary and Grade R learners. In this creative and stimulating environment our learners’ talents are nurtured by our passionate and caring teachers.

A day in our toddler class


Babies and toddlers have several snack times during the day. We will see to it that their little bodies take in the fuel they need to grow, play and learn.

Self-confidence is a vital lifeskill. We involve our babies and toddlers in a variety of activities to help build their self-confidence and self-expression. All of them participate in Orban’s annual pre-primary concert where they are exposed to the stage and learn to perform in front of a crowd.

Sensory play develops your child’s senses. Sharp senses translate into perceptive, smart children. During carpet time, our babies and toddlers love the different textures, smells and sounds of the toys they play with.

Believe it or not, but problem-solving starts as soon as your child is born. In order to help them build the puzzle that will become their lives, we introduce your baby and/or toddler to age appropriate problems that they will learn to solve, by means of sorting, fitting, building and recognising size, shape, colour and texture.

Nature and fresh air nourish us, revive us and restore our senses. The Honeypot class has a vast playground where your toddler can roam free. Tucked away in a corner and protected by ample shade and the rustling of leaves, the playground is safe, secure and a tranquil escape from Joburg’s hustle and bustle.

Your baby is welcome to join our family from the age of four months. We are equipped and skilled to help them reach their milestones in a fun and nurturing environment.

Nap time! After a day of laugther and play, nothing is more welcome than a long, deep sleep.


Dineo Dineo Mmolutsi

Dorothy Mathebula

Jungle Tots Class (Toddlers)

Denise Richarson

Lauretta Masetloa

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