Lees hierdie blad in Afrikaans

Orban Pre-Primary

We learn through play in a very creative way!

Our Pre-Primary

Early childhood development is crucial to becoming a confident and enthusiastic learner. We host a range of educational visitors every year and innings include talks, puppet shows and presentations by institutions such as the fire brigade and other safety services, theatre companies, a touring vet/dentist, book road shows and many more. Older pre-prims (4 years and up) go on outings from time to time.

Our playground provides age appropriate activities and equipment suitable to children of all ages in the pre-primary phase. The annual concert is a highlight for everyone involved.

Orban is a parallel medium school and we offer classes in Afrikaans and English in each age group. 


A day in our class

Pre-primary activities are playful ways of discovering our fascinating world, and developing our clever little minds. Some activities are, of course, just for fun. We learn through play and aim to provide interesting and creative ways of discovery on a daily basis. 

Arrival and free play
Tidy-up time and toilet routine
Weather chart, register and news
First Ring

Theme discussion, language development,

science & nature and perceptual skills

Art activity

Drawing, cutting, paste, paint, collage, play dough, thread, build and bake

Tidy-up time
Movement or music ring
Snack time
Outdoor play

Pre-prims in the junior classes (Jungle Tots, Panda, Eendjie and Dragonfly) go back to class at 11:30 for story and nap time

Toilet routine
Story time
Free play indoors / snack time
Aftercare commences
Aftercare lunch and activities

Our Classes

Our pre-primary department is big enough to keep school exciting, but small enough to ensure carefully monitoring by our teachers. 

Orban is a parallel medium school and we offer classes in both English and Afrikaans for each age group.

Pandaklas (2-3 years)

Teacher: Thea Müller
Class Assistant: Lauretta Masetloa
Afrikaans Class

Teacher Thea’s Super Power: 

I can read a child’s thoughts and feelings. 

My Pandas:

You will be the generation to change the world for the good. You will think of  new plans to protect our environment and will take recylcing projects to a next level. You will turn the world on its head!

Jungle Tots Class (2-3 years)

Teacher: Bianca Diedericks


Class Assistant: Matshabu Rapati
English Class

Teacher Bianca’s Super Power: 

Sharing your wonder

My Jungle Tots:

You afford me the opportunity to explore my own world with you – from scratch every day. What a privilege! Your day unfolds like a flower – petal for petal. Every small something I do in class, has an immediate and definite reaction. Every moment a marvel. Every moment a journey. I stand in wonder.

Eendjieklas (3-4 years)

Teacher: René Linde
Class Assistant: Lauretta Masetloa
Afrikaans Class

Teacher René’s Super Power: 

Love, simply love!

My Eendjies:

When one of you suddenly acquire a skill because your fingers, feet, body and/or brain learnt to work together in a specific way, it brings so much JOY – for you and for me!

Through art you will learn to express yourself, you will learn that each product you create, is unique and beautiful in its own way. Building self esteem starts right here.

Dragonfly Class (3-4 year)

Teacher: Chrisstel Ras
Class Assistant: Esther Mphuthi
English Class

Teacher Chrisstel’s Super Power: 

I cast a magic spell of routine in the class!

My Dragonfly class:

Each day is a learning curve – for me and you. Just to observe your physical growth throughout the year is a miracle and a privilege. Sometimes we have to be silly, sometimes we have to sing – and mostly we have to make enough time to explore, everything and anything, with all our senses.

Skatkisklas (4-5 year)

Teacher: Dienie Wilters
Afrikaans Class

Teacher Dienie’s Super Power: 

Research. It inspires me and I want to test everything. 

My Skatkis friends:

In this class you will learn to work together in groups, to reason, discuss ideas and make decisions – it is a wonderful process to unlock. In the 4 to 5 year age group, you will start taking responsibility for your behaviour. It is a precious and exciting year. 

Treasure Cave Class (4-5 year)

Teacher: Catrien Tempelhoff
English Class

Teacher Catrien’s Super Power: 

Laughing out loud!

My Treasures:

There is a reason why you are called “treasures” – you are priceless! The speed at which your personality and skills will develop, will leave you dizzy. And it’s going to be simply fascinating to watch your reasoning skills develop. I aim to achieve one thing every day: that my “treasures” go home and say “Mom, I had an awesome day!”

Our Services

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.