Learn to live at Orban

Orban’s motto is learn to live: it is our fundamental task that each Orban child learns to live and loves learning. Our aim is to develop a healthy self-esteem in each learner while fostering his or her unique individuality. We want each of our learners to have the confidence to achieve all they are capable of. We wish our learners joie de vivre and loving and supportive relationships – on all social levels and throughout their lives. Raising healthy, happy, productive children will result in a better society for all of us.

We choose not to focus exclusively on competition, but to encourage cooperation – not only for their time at Orban, but with a view to the future when our children will take their places in society. Relationships, happiness and productivity suffer in an environment rife with competition, whereas it thrives where cooperation is the objective.

We are proud of the multicultural character of our school: the Orban family comprises many different languages and cultural backgrounds, reflecting South African society. We give our children an enormous advantage by raising them in a bilingual school community. They are at home in the wonderful and challenging diversity of our country and, indeed, the world. Orban is a Christian-based school, but the Orban family includes many religions.