Orban Grade R

We continue to learn with success!

Grade R

Our Grade R’s are considered to be the leaders of the pre-primary school and not the babies of the primary school. Although much of their learning is still through play, it becomes more structured and formal.

Our main aim is to instil confidence and a sense of achievement in each individual as a foundation to future learning. 

Every year, we see our Grade R’s progress to primary school with eager confidence and continue to learn with success.


A day in our class

In our Grade R classes the focus is not only teaching them to read and write in this early stage of the foundation phase, but to gain the confidence to learn and to realise that the world is their oyster –anything is possible. As always, we learn through play, while we introduce more skills in challenging new ways. 

Life skills
Language skills
Mini sport

Our Grade R Classes

In Grade R our children start to prominently develop two life skills: problem-soving and debating.  We ask questions, consider many answers and learn from early on that there are two sides to every story.

Grade RA

Teacher: Nicolette Garraway
Afrikaans Class

Teacher Nicolette’s Super Power: 

Positive Energy

In my class:

We incorporate all your skills in new learning areas – from Mathematics and Science to Language and Technology. We do a lot of art and learn so much about so many things whilst painting, constructing, cutting and conversing. We plan teddybear picnics and reading parties, so much fun!

Grade REB

Teacher: Erica Botha


English Class

Teacher Erica’s Super Power: 


In my class:

All a child ever want, all they ever need, is someone who believes in them. Someone who says: I know you can, of course you can. I will guide with love and patience, with a deeply rooted respect for the fact that every child is different. My classroom will always be my happy place.

Grade REE

Teacher: Euline Coetzee
English Class

Teacher Euline’s Super Power: 

Self esteem booster

In my class:

Through creativity and art I can help my class to develop the skills to observe with a keen eye and ear. A child who has mastered the skill of observing with all senses, develops a deeper understanding of life. 

I regard myself as a facilitator in my class – you know how to find your own solutions to the problems I pose en you love the process! In my class children must learn to think for themselves. This is the start of your conscious cognitive journey!