Orban Toddlers

We learn in a creative way!

Our Toddler Classes

Our toddlers arrive every day with great excitement knowing there will be a lot of fun and play! We introduce play in very creative ways, inside and outside. Movement, art and music are activities we use to teach them vital skills from an  early age.  

A day in our class

Just Arrived

Good morning! Sawubona! Goeiemôre!Can’t wait for today! May I rub some yoghurt into your hair again?

Magic Carpet

The magic carpet in our class is our ticket to anywhere and everywhere. We just have to start the ride …


Sorry, I can’t help if it’s finger lickin’ good! Mom, no need for a lunchbox, we have three meals at school.

Ring Time

Don’t ask what we’ve learnt, ask what we’ve played! My favourite: Head-and-shoulders-knees-and-toes

Our Superheroes

Class outfits –  our teachers have super-powers … we, well, we’re still  working on it …


Teacher, I can’t wait, please open the door, we want to play outside!

Our Playground

So much space, so much to do, so little time … we have to get on our bikes and conquer the world

Messy Play

My teacher says messy play is good for me. I choose to believe her, because this is soooo much fun!

Sleeping time

Huh? Slept? For 2 hours as from 11:00? But it can’t be, I’m sure I spent the whole day on the jungle gym outside.

Toddler Class


Teacher Super Power: 

Positive Energy

In my class:

We incorporate all your skills in new learning areas – from Mathematics and Science to Language and Technology. We do a lot of art and learn so much about so many things whilst painting, constructing, cutting and conversing. We plan teddybear picnics and reading parties, so much fun!