Code of Conduct

Download our full disciplinary policy here.

Orban’s philosophy is to discipline through positive reinforcement, as well as gentle, but firm and consistent application of the 5 school rules taught from toddler classes to Grade 7:

  1. Follow the instructions the first time they are given.
  2. Keep your hands, feet, objects and unkind words to yourself.
  3. Listen when somebody else is speaking.
  4. Look after all property.
  5. Behave appropriately.

In pre-primary school we encourage and reward good behaviour with a star chart system and time-out serves as corrective discipline.

In primary school sticker and signature charts are still in place to reward good behaviour and a reminder system is implemented to correct behaviour.


Examples of rewards and corrective actions:

Supportive feedback: rewards for full sticker charts in foundation phase

  1. Wonder worker on notice board.
  2. Surprise gift.
  3. Food tuck voucher.
  4. Special bookmark.
  5. Civvies day.
  6. Certificate of Excellence.


Corrective actions

  1. Reminder
  2. Time-out
  3. Behaviour Journal
  4. Contact parents
  5. Refer to Head of Department


Whenever a child is consistently misbehaving or in cases of severe wrongdoing, such as biting, parents are contacted and requested to meet with the teacher. We expect parents to collaborate with teachers in giving their children a consistent message about discipline.

Under no circumstances do we tolerate parents disciplining children who are not their own.