Orban School

Orban school embrace online teaching

Like many other private schools in South Africa, Orban school had to adjust quickly when the announcement of school closures in March 2020. Orban board, teachers and a team of advisors conducted in-depth research to establish which platform to implement and how best to accommodate all the Orban learners. Access to screens, wifi and parental […]

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Orban introduces Six Bricks

“Six Bricks is a hands-on tool for learning. Through fun and short activities with sets of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks in six bright colours, children can practice their memory, movement, creativity and more. You can adapt activities and of course create your own activities to match the children’s skills and interests.” At the end of 2019 […]

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Colors galore at the annual Orban Art Exhibition

Orban opened its annual Art Exhibition with a gala evening in the school hall. Brownen Findlay, lecturer in Fine Arts at UJ and Wits, opened Orban’s annual art exhibition on Tuesday 5 November, and the exhibition was open for public viewing for the entire week after. This year’s exhibition displayed work done by scholars in […]

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‘Night at the Orban Wax Museum’ a huge success

Orban School’s annual ‘Night at the Orban Wax Museum’ yet again surpassed parents, and fellow students, expectation. This annual event sees Grade 7 students pick from a list of historical iconic figures to present in the form of a wax model. When the red button in front of the statue is pushed, the wax model […]

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Time capsule tradition lives on!

A few weeks ago, Orban Grade 7 pupils exhumed the time capsules they buried in Grade 1 – with many surprises. Some content was entirely consumed by water, soil and insects, but there were also treasures: letters from a teacher or friend, a forgotten toy and even some coins. The tradition was started 10 years […]

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Orban’s 10 year winning streak at National Eisteddfod

Last night Orban School won the National Eisteddfod Academy Award for the Best Overall Performance of an Institution in the Johannesburg South/Central/East region for the 10th year running. Our Art Department teachers Zanele Montle, Stephen Hawkins, Ana Silent and Michele Zulch receive the award at the NEA regional Awards Ceremony together with Orban School principal, Liz […]

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