25th July 2020

Orban school embrace online teaching

Like many other private schools in South Africa, Orban school had to adjust quickly when the announcement of school closures in March 2020.
Orban board, teachers and a team of advisors conducted in-depth research to establish which platform to implement and how best to accommodate all the Orban learners. Access to screens, wifi and parental support were some of the factors considered. In the end, Orban on-boarded with Google Classroom and have since integrated all learners and teachers to this platform.
Google Classroom offered the best solution for simplified teaching, distributing tasks, and grading assignments. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students.
When Orban school reopened, online teaching were given as option to learners with comorbidity. This enabled them to continue learning on-line rather than returning to conventional classrooms. This proved very popular, especially in the last few weeks when Johannesburg became an epicentre of Covid19. Currently, our teachers conduct classes as per usual and remote learners log in via Google Classroom. Tasks and homework are distributed to all students digitally, and so far the quality of work completed has surpassed all expectations.
Going forward, Orban would continue to offer blended learning options to parents. Quality of learning should not be compromised due to the challenges we face during this epidemic. Orban school is responsive, and solutions can quickly be implemented. Continuous sharpening of our online teaching methods is a priority, and newly evolved training sessions will be offered to our teachers weekly.

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