1st November 2019

Orban’s 10 year winning streak at National Eisteddfod

Last night Orban School won the National Eisteddfod Academy Award for the Best Overall Performance of an Institution in the Johannesburg South/Central/East region for the 10th year running. Our Art Department teachers Zanele Montle, Stephen Hawkins, Ana Silent and Michele Zulch receive the award at the NEA regional Awards Ceremony together with Orban School principal, Liz van Tonder.

Orban School boasted a record number of entries for 2019. Art, Language, theatre and performing arts, dance and junior writers play a huge part of Orban culture. Students are encouraged from an early age to partake in the yearly National Eisteddfod competition.

Among the list of achievements and awards:

  • Ryan Kreusch won the Award for Best Junior Achiever in the region in the genre of Creative Arts
  • Asande Mzizi and Simonne van der Vyver were placed 9th and 6th respectively in the TOP TEN Achievers in the region.
  • 3 medal winners in one family! Tasmiyah, Mahdiyyah and Yaseen Bhamjee all received category winner medals last night.
  • Simonne van der Vyver, Jessica Schmidt, Batool Essop, Ryan Kreusch and Leah Reddy received medals for winning the catetory: Small group English poetry ensemble
  • Grade 2 Afrikaans teacher at Orban School, Karli Ferreira, received a medal award in the open category for comic monologue.