5th August 2019

Orban Purple Hearts support community with winter projects

The Orban Purple Hearts initiative had a busy winter helping those in need. The Orban Purple Hearts is a student initiative within the school which support their community through fund-raising, care projects and physical hours of community service.

In July, residents of the Eufees Old Age Home were invited to a morning at the school where they were treated to a free showing of the schools 2019 music production, Xanadu. Afterwards, they enjoyed some warm soup and bread with the pupils. Orban Purple Hearts are actively involved in the various project with Eufees old age home throughout the year.

Randburg SPCA formed part of the next Orban Purple Hearts’ project. A dog food collection initiative was launched between the internal Orban ‘houses’ of Hydra, Pyra and Terra. The winners, House Terra, raised over 185 cans of dog food and caused some wagging tails at Randburg SPCA with the handover of 380 cans of food in total.

As an ongoing winter project, the ORBAN Purple Hearts and the Gr.7’s initiated the 2019 Blanket Drive in partnership with BanaBlankets. Each donation received will be used to fund crocheted blankets made by the talented woman from BanaBlankets. BanaBlankets support unemployed women in Alexandra, who are often forced to rely solely on grants to look after themselves and their extended families. The 2019 Blanket Drive aim for each class at ORBAN to raise enough money to fund 2 blankets each made by BanaBlankets. The goal total of 60 blankets will then be donated to another initiative once completed.

We applaud the ORBAN Purple Heart’s on their efforts so far this year and hope your efforts will inspire your community around you to get involved.